Elevated levels of biogenic amines in the human body may indicate dysfunctional or pathological conditions. 3QBD developed the VGTest device (Patented) to measure the biogenic amines associated with Vaginitis.

Based on the IMS¹ (Ion Mobility Spectrometry) technology, VGTest allows the diagnosis of the three most common forms of Vaginitis: Bacterial Vaginosis, Candidiasis and Trichomoniasis.

VGTest is sensitive enough to measure and differentiate among amines present at even low concentrations, meaning that it can provide reliable, consistent results regardless of the testing environment or the patient’s age and condition.

The test requires only a swab of vaginal fluid. Once inserted into the VGTest, it provides an accurate diagnosis within 60 seconds.


The chart above illustrates fingerprints of two samples taken from the same patient suffering from a Bacterial Vaginosis infection, before and after treatment. The red line shows the VGTest reading when the patient had BV. The blue line is the reading after treatment. It clearly shows how sensitive the test is to the presence of Amine A, allowing for the accurate diagnosis of BV.

VGTest has demonstrated accurate diagnosis rates of over 95% for BV and over 80% for Candidiasis on the previous version of the device, using an Ni63 platform. The results for the non-radioactive platform show similar results.

1. IMS is a sensitive technique for detecting volatile compounds by measuring the velocity of ions drifting through a gas bath under the influence of a homogeneous electric field.

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