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VGTest diagnoses BV, Yeast infection, and Trichomonas with 95% accuracy. Below is general information about each disease. It is highly important to visit your gynecologist when the mentioned symptoms appear, to ensure immediate diagnosis and treatment and prevent complications: 


1. BV (Bacterial Vaginosis)
Potentially caused by dozens of bacteria, it is difficult to diagnose. Therefore, a culture test in the laboratory is not effective. Symptoms include a burning sensation, itching, pain, profuse discharge, and a strong fish-like odor.

2. Yeast infection (Candidiasis)
Yeast infections are caused by a fungus called Candida, of which there are several kinds. Candida is diagnosed by a culture test in the lab and results take a few days to come back. Symptoms include a burning sensation, itching, pain, and profuse discharge.


3. Trichomonas
Trichomonas is a parasite transmitted by sexual contact. A very expensive culture test is required for diagnosis, and treatment needs to be administered to both partners.  Symptoms include a burning sensation, itching, pain, and profuse discharge.


VGTest allows gynecologists to promptly detect Bacterial Vaginosis, Candidiasis and Trichomonas.

Based on the the IMS technology, the device simultaneously distinguishes among the different disease agents in vaginal fluid specimen by their characteristic discharge.

Approved by the CE, VGTest was developed by a team of international scientists. It was designed to meet the special needs of practicing gynecologists, providing them with a wide range of advantages:


1. 95% accuracy in diagnosis - considerably higher than Amsel test, Nugent score and cultures.
2. Immediate results – results obtained in only 60 seconds.

3. A simple diagnostic test for complex problems - including asymptomatic diseases.

4. Time saving – rapid diagnosis frees up time for dealing with more complicated diseases.
5. Establishes trust with patients – through accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

6. Helps widen the customer base – thanks to all these benefits.

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