Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the VGTest?

VGTest is a medical device that detects the three most common vaginal infections (BV, Yeast infection and Trichomoniasis) on the spot.

2. How does the VGTest work?

The VGTest measures characteristic compounds of each of the three vaginal infections. The result is based on the quantity of these compounds in the sample.

3. How accurate is the VGTest?

According to clinical studies held by 3QBD scientists for over seven years, 94.4% of the patients are diagnosed correctly.

4. Where can I find the VGTest?​

VGTest is designated to serve gynecology clinics. Ask your gynecologist about it.

5. How does the VGTest differ from the common tests?​

The Nugent score and cell cultures are laboratory tests, and as so are time consuming (several hours for Nugent and 48 hours for culture).

The VG-Test diagnoses the three infections simultaneously within only one minute..

6. Is the test invasive?​

No. All it requires is a vaginal swab.

7. How long does the test take?

Once the sample is inserted into the device, a result is obtained within a minute.

8. When is it recommended to be tested?

At the onset of symptoms, before and during the first trimester of pregnancy, and on routine examinations..

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