What is VGTest

The symptoms of most vaginal infections are similar, making diagnosis highly complicated. Therefore, most gynecologists prescribe general antibiotics, without an accurate diagnosis. As a result, in many cases not only is the infection not cured, but it even worsens and recurs.

VGTest allows your gynecologist to easily diagnose vaginal infections. By detecting the specific bacteria that caused the infection, the test ensures the most accurate diagnosis and treatment, for a rapid recovery.

VGTest is a simple, non- invasive test that provides results in only one minute. All that is required is a swab of vaginal fluid, easily taken and analyzed by the gynecologist during the examination. Results will appear within only 60 seconds.

VGTest is recommended for use in the following cases:
1. When infection symptoms are present
2. During routine examinations (3-4 times a year) - to prevent future infection
3. Before and during pregnancy – to prevent complications during pregnancy

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